Latin Name:Blattaria
Length:Cockroaches range in length from 0.59 in. long to 10.59 in. long. The American cockroach is about 1.2 in. long; the German cockroach about 10.59 in. long; the Asian cockroach about 0.59 in. in length; and the Oriental cockroach about 0.98 in. They can live up to six months.
Habitat They live in moist, humid areas and swampy patches of land with shelter. Cockroaches prefer warm temperatures and don't do well in cold climates. Cockroaches are commonly found in basements, crawl spaces, underneath porches and foundations. Cockroaches also live in sewers, sometimes moving outside during warm weather.
Life Cycle Cockroaches hatch from eggs, grow to a nymph stage then transition to life as an adult. Females usually produce 9–10 egg cases in their lifetime. Sometimes they can produce as many as 90.
Type of Damage Cockroaches consume human and pet food. They often leave behind bad odors after they eat. Cockroaches are linked with allergic reactions and asthma in humans.



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